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  • blastEMAIL unless otherwise stated is quoted as the Standard Edition where in an Enterprise Edition is also available
  • blastEMAIL is subject to a fair usage policy of up to 10,000 emails per month
  • Maximum attachment size of blastEmail is 1Mb under blastEmail Standard
  • Maximum attachment size of blastEmail is 8Mb under blastEmail Enterprise
  • Enterprise Edition includes 25,000 messages per month
  • We do not support unsolicted spam email and will withdraw the service if we receive complaints


  • The availability of campaign code-words on the shared mobile number is not guaranteed.

  General Terms

  • All messages  must be pre-paid
  • Our PLUS, PRO & CUSTOM tariffs are subject to a 12 month minimum contract term
  • Prices subject to VAT at 20%


1    Terminology
“The Client” or “you” is your company or organization. “We” are thinkSMS.
2    Data Retention
thinkSMS shall not keep any data relating to a client longer than the express wishes of the client. thinkSMS will respect any existing retention policy in place by the client.  Should any retention policy undermine thinkSMS' ability to provide an adequate service or backups, the client will be notified of the risk they are undertaking.
3    Service Credits, Guaranteed Availability and Software Provision
thinkSMS shall provide 24x7x52 service availability for your website, except where essential maintenance is required. Essential maintenance will be carried out outside the standard UK working day (9am-5pm) and thinkSMS will notify the client of this work 7 days in advance of completion. thinkSMS does not guarantee service availability under this SLA and no service credits are available for temporary loss of service.   
4    Internet Security
thinkSMS adheres to Good Security Practice and takes Internet Security extremely seriously. thinkSMS shall use best efforts to prevent denial of service attacks, viruses, worms, hackers or other malicious events or codes from affecting service availability. In addition, thinkSMS will keep confidential all of your information held by it in the course of providing the services and use such information only for the purposes provided for in this agreement.
5    Technical Support and Response Times
thinkSMS offers unlimited e-mail support.  You are welcome to use the support facility for your technical queries under this SLA and we encourage our clients to do so. 
Our target response time for Critical Issues is 15 minutes and our target response time for Non-Critical issues is 1 hour. 
We aim to have each client query resolved within 4 working hours. We cannot guarantee a Fix Time under this SLA due to the nature of the service provided and what may be deemed as factors `outside` of the control of thinkSMS.
6    Contact Details
thinkSMS will use the details supplied in this SLA to contact you. It is your responsibility to ensure the contact details we have for you remain accurate. If your contact details change, please email support@thinkSMS.co.uk to inform us of those changes.
7    Contractural Periods and Termination
The service is subject to no minimum term. We will continue to supply this service to you on the terms agreed in this SLA, unless you instruct us in writing no later than 30 days before the next billing date. 
Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may terminate the this agreement upon 15 days prior written notice in the event that thinkSMS materially breaches the agreement listed within and fails to cure such breach within such 15 day period. Upon such termination for material breach, thinkSMS shall refund the pro rata portion of the fees paid by you as of the date of termination.
8    Payment and Billing
The service is billed yearly in advance via invoice. The initial billing date shall be the ‘service live date’ and thinkSMS will bill you each year on or around the day your service went ‘live’. 
thinkSMS reserves the right to suspend this service or any service thinkSMS provides to you if you fail to make appropriate payment on time, or you fall into a situation of arrears on payment.
9    Miscellaneous
This agreement is subject to and interpreted in accordance with Northern Irish law. Any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Northern Ireland. This Agreement may not be amended without the written agreement signed by both thinkSMS and you.
10    Change of Terms
thinkSMS reserves the right to change the terms outlined in this agreement at any time without prior written notice or consent.  You as the client will be notified if the change of terms affects you.  You as the client will have the right to cancel any services if the change of terms is not satisfactory without penalty from thinkSMS.



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